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Message from the Holburn West Community Group


We would like to inform you that the Church of Scotland has decided to close Holburn West Parish Church next year 2023.


The Holburn West Church premises is an important building for the community and currently provides community space for a variety of children and adult groups who will have to relocate to alternative premises.


To maintain the building as a community hub, a community-led committee called ‘The Holburn West Community Group’, comprising of residents and community groups, was established to promote and explore the potential future use of the current Church premises for the benefit of the community.  The committee has demonstrated the value and benefit the church will bring to the community as a community centre and has produced a feasibility study and a sustainable business plan. The committee is now approaching funders to try and purchase the premises for the community and convert it into a community centre called the Great Western Community Trust. The Great Western Community Trust will be a community owned, not-for-profit centre, and a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.


In order to achieve their goal, the committee needs to demonstrate that the community supports their plans and welcomes the idea of a community centre.  The commitee is working with Ashley & Broomhill Community Council and Queen’s Cross & Harlaw Community Council, and asking for everyone to have their say by filling in a short questionnaire as soon as they can. The more responses they receive from the public, the higher the chance they will secure funding to purchase the building before it closes permanently. 


Current groups using the premises are, Ashley Road Primary out of school club, Broomhill Primary school out of school club, Stagecoach Performing Arts School, Girl Guides (Guides, Brownies & Rainbows), Versus Arthritis, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Lyrical Music Society, Aberdeen Gaelic Choir.


Help us maintain the premises for the community, help us save the building. 


Best wishes from,


Holburn West Community Group, 

Ashley & Broomhill Community Council, 

and Queen’s Cross & Harlaw Community Council

Share your
thoughts with us!

Your Community,
Your Community Centre,
Your Ideas.

4. Age Group
5. Would you like the premises saved and turned into a Community Centre?
7. Do you give consent for your information to be accessible to committee members for the purpose of producing a business plan for the Community Centre?

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