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Café Philosophie

Where pupils can extend their understanding on a topic and discuss it in an open and safe place.

Café Philosophie is a joint iniative between the Outreach Group at Fountainhall Church,

Ashley & Broomhill Community Council, and Queen's Cross & Harlaw Community Council.

The idea behind Café Philosophie is to provide an opportunity for S5 &S6 pupils from local schools to attend free talks that take place once a month.  These sessions will provide pupils with the opportunity to extend their understanding on certain topics/issues which may or may not have been discussed in school but which would benefit from more time to reflect and broaden awareness and understanding.  Lecturers from universities and experts from businesses and organisations will talk to pupils about their current research and thoughts on a particular subject followed by the opportunity to ask questions and discuss in small groups.

For more information, you can contact the Café Philosophie Team at:

Café Philosophie Team:

Allan Paterson - Fountainhall Church Outreach Group

Leila Turner-Smith - Ashley & Broomhill Community Council

Glenda Guerney-Hall - Fountainhall Church Outreach Group

Ronan Burke - Ashley & Broomhill Community Council

Sandy Stephen - Queen's Cross & Harlaw Community Council

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